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About Us
I have sold my repair to hundreds of people over the internet long before I started selling it on eBay. I have a lot of very satisfied customers and NO unsatisfied ones. You can check me out by going to some of the Lexus Forums where they talk about the dash light problem and about my repair. Club Lexus or Lexus Owners Club are two sites where you can find some of my satisfied customers and read the gracious comments they post about the repairs that I have done for them. If you want direct references, just ask me and I'll provide email addresses of some of my customers who you can contact. Also please take the time to read my feedback ratings on my e-Bay shop. You'll notice that Lexus electronic repairs are just about ALL that I do on eBay and I'm quite proud of my reputation and I intend to keep it that way!


I currently stock most parts and have test equipment for all LS400 year models. Please call or email if you need the help of the LEX-PERT.


I can now do an exchange with you please email me directly at my email address: for details about doing an exchange for a rebuilt Instrument Cluster