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When you first start your 93 or 94 LS400 especially on cold mornings, the dash lights won't come on and the fuel gauge shows empty. Then as the car warms up, the lights begin to flicker on and off rapidly and the fuel gauge swings from empty to whatever amount of fuel that you have. Also on some cars the LCD display above the radio that shows the Time and Temperature won't come on either. After several minutes, they will finally come on and stay on for the rest of the day. The fuel gauge also works. As months go by the problem will only get worse until the lights will refuse to come on at all. The fuel gauge won't work, and you can't see the speedometer or the odometer, not to mention the time and temp LCD above the radio!


In addition to the above problems some vehicles may experience a very slow reacting fuel gauge. After a fill-up, the needle may take 15 minutes or more to climb to 3/4 of a tank. Many times, the gauge will never quite reach the full mark even though you just filled it with fuel. Although this is a separate circuit board design problem, I now include this repair as well. If you purchase my repair service for either one of the above problems, I repair both of the problems with this purchase whether it's symptoms are evident yet or not at the time.


If you have these symptoms but a different model or year, email me at to discuss the possibility of repairing your boards.