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Is your instrument cluster flickering or dark?

If you own a '93 or '94 Lexus LS400, you probably have, or soon will have, trouble with your dash lights and will need an instrument cluster repair. Lexus knows about the problem but refuses to warranty it since these cars are now over 20 years old. Your Lexus dealer will charge you from $1400 to $2000 to fix your instrument cluster lights. Actually, they don't repair them, they'll just replace 2 circuit boards located behind the instrument cluster and throw your old boards away. The new boards that you just purchased from Lexus have the same built-in design flaw as the originals and will eventually fail as well. Your best option is instrument cluster repair, NOT circuit board replacement! If you trade in or sell your Lexus with the dash lights not working, you're going to get FAR less money for your car than you could otherwise get.


I'm Jim Walker, TheLexpert, and as an electronics engineer, I reverse-engineered the Lexus boards and found design flaws. Since then, I have repaired my own instrument cluster as well as hundreds worldwide. My work is guaranteed on those repaired circuit boards for as long as you own the car. Please read the description of the problems carefully. If it sounds like your problems, contact me.


Beware of Copycats!
The work I do on these circuit boards is a true rebuild, not just a simple instrument cluster repair by swapping out used parts. What's the difference? Well, my rebuild not only takes care of the immediate problem, but I go much further and replace any other marginal or near out-of-tolerance components that are found. Just one example of this is the fuel gauge that is inaccurate and slow to react after a fill-up. That problem is always corrected as part of my routine rebuild. That is just one example of many such problems that I address as a "preemptive strike" for you. You may not have even had that particular problem yet, but it is a known common problem that will eventually show up. It won't ever show up if I rebuild the boards! The copycats don't do those extras.


How I work...
I will email you detailed instructions on how you or your mechanic can remove the instrument cluster and remove the circuit boards from the cluster. I'll send you my mailing address, my email address, and my phone number in case you need help in the removal process. I'll instruct you on how to handle and mail them to me for the shortest possible down time. When your boards get here, I'll test them to make sure that you have the problem as described above. If you don't have the problem, I'll send them back to you, and refund the amount that you paid for them less my cost of Paypal, eBay, and shipping them back to you. If you do have the problem as described, I'll repair them the same day as I receive them and ship them back to you the very next day. I normally use US Postal Service Priority Mail (2 day average) at no charge to you. Yes, you heard right, FREE shipping. If you want Express Mail shipping (1 day), let me know and I can ship them back that way for a small additional fee.