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Instrument Cluster Exchanges LS400

Can I just buy a whole rebuilt instrument cluster from you in exchange for my old one?


I now have a stock of completely rebuilt instrument clusters. My rebuilt instrument clusters have the 2 circuit boards rebuilt, and all needles are working. They have either brand new factory needles, reconditioned needles, or after-market new needles. They also have had the tachometer and speedometer gauges rebuilt completely and calibrated or have been replaced with brand new ones. In other words, everything is working properly. Here are the details about doing an exchange:

EXCHANGE POLICY for Whole 93/94 Lexus LS400 Instrument Clusters:

If you have nearly every problem with your cluster that is possible to have, see the 3 major cluster problems below, it may be worthwhile for you to do an exchange. The big advantage to you is that there is virtually no down time on your car. Most people just have one or maybe two of the major cluster problems. If you have all three then you will be well advised to just do an exchange. This is what I mean by that:

1. Your instrument cluster lights flash on and off or slow to start. The fuel gauge is inaccurate and slow moving after a full-up never quit reaching full. This is all repaired as a result of me rebuilding the 2 circuit boards that are inside the instrument cluster. I charge $225 for that rebuild.

2. You may also have partially lit needles. This means that the conductive paint on the backs of your needles is peeling and cracking. It shows up as partially lit needles. This condition will eventually cause the needles to go completely out. If I can recondition the needles before one goes completely out, it will save them. If you wait for one to go completely dark, then it's too late for reconditioning and has to be replaced. Lexus does not sell just a needle. You have to buy the whole gauge assembly such as a speedometer gauge assembly for several hundred dollars just to get that one needle!!! So, get them reconditioned before one of them goes out completely. I charge $150 to recondition all 4 needles. I have to disassemble the instrument cluster completely to get the needles out. I remove all the cracking conductive paint from the backs of the needles and I apply a conductive epoxy. This will bring the needles back to full illumination and save them from certain failure.

3. You have the dreaded sticking tachometer and speedometer problem. This also requires full disassembly of the instrument cluster and rebuild of the tachometer and speedometer gauge assemblies. I charge $250 for this alone for both gauges.

So, to do each of the three repairs separately would be $625 to do all that you need done. Few people have this many problems all on one instrument cluster so I break up the repairs as 3 separate repairs as I indicated above. This keeps the cost down for the customers that only need one or two items done.

I do have exchange clusters that I have totally rebuilt with all three repairs completed. I usually reserve those for people outside the US that need a fast repair of their car and are willing to pay the cost of a fully rebuilt instrument cluster. I also offer it to people that need everything done anyway or can't be without their car for a few days. However, there is a matter of the odometer reading. With an exchange, you will be getting the mileage that is stored on the microprocessor of the chip that is on the circuit boards of my cluster. That mileage can vary from 60,000 to 220,000 miles. I will try to select one that is near to what your odometer currently reads. With the large number that I have in stock to choose from, I can usually select one for you that is close to your current odometer reading.

I give a substantial price break when doing an exchange. This is because I can rebuild the one you send to me during periods of slow times, at my leisure then put it in stock for the next exchange.

The bottom line is this: Example (93/94 LS400), send me $625 ($475 for the instrument cluster and $150 for core security deposit) and I'll immediately ship you a fully rebuilt instrument cluster guaranteed for 1 year. I'll ship it USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) at my expense in the US. Once I receive your old rebuildable instrument cluster *, I'll send $150 back to you. Your cost is then just $475, total. That's a huge savings.

I sometimes have a few rebuilt clusters for the following models:

·  93-94 LS400 Right Hand Drive (for Australia, UK, New Zealand, etc.)

·  90-92 LS400 Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive models

·  95-96 LS400 Left Hand Drive

Since I have fewer of these models to exchange, I may not have one immediately, so please contact me to determine the waiting time if any. Shipping outside the US will be the rate at which it actually cost me. I’m not here to make money on shipping and handling.

* A rebuildable cluster is one that has all the parts in it and is not physically broken to the extent that it's not rebuildable. I have to make this statement because I have received back junk in the past with missing and broken parts to the extent that it was totally useless to me. I have only held back the full $150 once and that was because the cluster was worthless and not rebuildable at all. If it’s not rebuildable but I can use some of the parts out of it, I'll send you a partial refund of $30 to $100 depending upon what parts are usable to me.

Please contact me if you have questions. Send your email address to me for a copy of the removal instructions in PDF format. I have been doing these repairs for over 12 years now. My name is Jim Walker also known as Lex-pert or TheLexpert among Lexus enthusiasts. Member Lexus Owners Club & Club Lexus.